I started surfing in an era in southern California when surfers only rode high-performance thrusters. I started shaping in 2013 because building my own boards allowed me to experiment with different designs. I learned that creating something with my hands gave great satisfaction. Overtime, I acquired more tools and started researching alternative materials.

The designs I’m interested in making are unconventional but functional. Some favorites are: the Lis-fish, fish-esque grovelers, high performance shortboards, assyms, planning hulls, and displacement hulls. My boards are tested around southern California, an area where performance and style are so important.

All surfboards are 100% hand-shaped and glassed with the highest quality eps foam, carbon fiber, and bio-based epoxy resin. Boards are built to last and are eco-approved by Sustainable Surf.org.

Achievements & Publications

Contact: mark.a.sarinana@gmail.com

Instagram: @ms_surfcraft